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Discover (or rediscover) the charm of Sherbrooke during the Festival!


Are you looking for vegetarian, Asian or European restaurants? Microbreweries, bistros or coffees? A place to relax, work or chat? The chefs of Sherbrooke welcome you with your family or friends.

There is something for every taste.

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You come from outside Sherbrooke to enjoy the FCMS? No need to hit the road after the film screenings and activities! Beautiful nights await you in the variety of hotels, hostels or motels available for all budgets.


Plan your stay


Why not enjoy a break between two screenings of films to explore Sherbrooke? Your FCMS Passport allows you to get admissions for the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke and Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, which offer discoveries for the whole family, as well as the Société d’histoire de Sherbrooke, which offers a permanent exhibition on the contributions of cultural communities to the development of the city. You can also admire urban art, walk around the Lac-des-Nations, near the Gorge or in the numerous parks, go shopping in the downtown area or enjoy local products.

Choose from a variety of ideas here.

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Photos: Destination Sherbrooke