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Plan your stay

Be part of the celebrations of the Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke in June 2021!

The Festival will thrill the city of Sherbrooke in June 2021! Either you are coming from outside the region or you want to plan a weekend to movies screening and activities at the Festival? Here are some handy tips to prepare your stay.



You’ve come from out of town to enjoy the Festival? No need to hit the road after seeing a movie or joining an activity! Spend a restful night in one of our hotels, motels, or bed and breakfasts. Sherbrooke offers a variety of lodgings to suit all budgets. See our map below.

Plan your stay


Are you looking for a vegetarian, Asian or European restaurant? A microbrewery, a bistro or a friendly café? A place to relax, work or chat over a pint or a glass of wine? Sherbrooke’s many restaurants and bars are here to welcome you and your family and friends.

See where to eat


Why not enjoy a break between two screenings of films to explore Sherbrooke? You can admire urban art, walk around the Lac-des-Nations, near the Gorge or in the numerous parks, go shopping in the downtown area or enjoy local products.

Choose your activities

Photos credit : Destination Sherbrooke

Thanks to the Stay 22 map, discover accommodations near the Festival venues!

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