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Romy Lupien-Phaneuf

Membre du jury | Étudiante / Jurée du public

JURY MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION // I am who I am, due to both the remarkable people who surround me as well as some outlandish experiences. Growing up I was immersed by culture and I’m now reaping the benefits of that. Cinema is a way to experience an audience’s reaction, to have access to their sensitivity. It’s also an opportunity to gain access to a film director’s vision of the world and their reaction to it. Freedom of expression is important to me and I find that cinema is a strongly gentle and beautiful way of doing so. This art has no frontiers, the energy and ideas evoked are incapable of sitting still.

I directed my first documentary this year, on dumpster diving, and I’m actively engaged in the Prix collégial du cinéma du Québec. I’ll be representing the Cégep de Sherbrooke again this year. I am impatient to see cinema take life again. I look forward to hearing authentic and creative voices through a filmmaker’s lens.