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Pauline Devesa


After graduating from a technical training program in video editing in France, Pauline Devesa directed a short short for the French Red Cross, Bref, aujourd’hui j’ai sauvé une vie. Drawn to humanitarian causes, she devoted the next several years to the Red Cross. She later elected to make her home in Montreal, where she worked as a volunteer in a children’s hospital. Through the short film collective Kino Montréal, she met a great many inspiring creators and artists and was able to participate in numerous projects. Her interest in social and human issues informs her involvement in realist filmmaking. Pauline currently works as an audio-visual technician for the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She devotes her free time to making short films, either as director or technician. Inspired by all art forms, she also engages in photography, improvisational theatre, music and the Cyr wheel (a circus act), all of which offer her other avenues of creation.