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Chez le barbier, réflexions d’hommes arabes

Please note that this event is now archived.


Sunday, 15 April 2018 | 18:00 La Maison du Cinéma

Worldwide, Arab men are depicted by the mainstream media as terrorists, suicide bombers, or at best, extremists. In Things Arab Men Say, Egyptian-born filmmaker Nisreen Baker paints a very different picture.

Join Jay, Ghassan, and their friends as they gather at Jamal’s Eden Barber Shop for a haircut, a shave, and a lively discussion on politics, religion and identity. Although located in St. Albert, an Edmonton suburb, Jamal’s shop could be anywhere, serving as a microcosm of the Arab community.

At times serious, but laced with deft humour, the film follows the group as they debate the issues at hand and express often-surprising views that bring us closer to changing the narrative surrounding their community.


Nisreen Baker


Nisreen Baker


Canada - Alberta




52 minutes




International, subtitled in French


ONF - Office national du film du Canada
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Nisreen Baker

Nisreen Baker has worked on numerous productions throughout her 20 years in the film industry. She began her career as an assistant director and has gone on to write, produce and direct her own documentaries.

Working with various local and international broadcasters, Nisreen produces and directs multilingual films that promote multiculturalism and explore the sociopolitical issues of the day. Her passion for these topics stems from her exposure to different cultures, religions and societies, having lived in six different countries around the world, and having first-hand experience with social and political turmoil.

Nisreen’s previous documentaries include Women of Karaoun (2006), about Lebanese women who immigrated to Canada in the early 20th century, and Cultural Competency (add date), which follows four immigrant families and one Canadian family as they navigate the challenges encountered in Canada and explore innovative solutions.