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Théâtre de la vie

Please note that this event is now archived.

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Ciné-Échange / Théâtre de la vie Sunday, 9 April | 15:00 Consult the activity

Best Canadian Feature – Planet in Focus 2016

In an extraordinary soup kitchen in Milan, two vastly different worlds have been brought together by a unique social experiment. Theater of Life captures the remarkable relationship forged between the finest haute cuisine chefs in the world and the city’s most disadvantaged groups: refugees, recovering drug addicts, former sex workers, and a host of others with no place else to go.

For Expo Milano 2015, renowned chef Massimo Bottura, whose Osteria Francescana was named world’s best restaurant in 2016, invited 60 of his international confrères to join him in transforming food destined for the dumpster into delicious and nutritious meals for Italy’s hungriest residents. But the documentary delves far deeper than this important food story: it captures the moving encounters of guests at the soup kitchen who have found a welcoming community there, showing us glimpses of their heart and soul in the process.

A visual feast in itself, Theater of Life puts a human face on its powerful message of social justice while raising awareness about the enormous environmental impact of food waste.


Peter Svatek










English, Italian and French, subtitled in French


ONF and Triplex Films


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Peter Svatek

Born in Prague, Montreal-based Peter Svatek is a visionary director who has written and directed many award-winning documentary and fiction films, including the acclaimed Call of the Wild. He began his career with the National Film Board in the 1970s. He is the co-founder (with Josette Gauthier) of Triplex Films, a successful documentary production company. Prior to Theater of Life, Peter’s most recent documentary feature was Takedown: The DNA of GSP, the story of UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, nominated for several 2015 Canadian Screen Awards. Other recent documentaries include Stolen Babies, Stolen Lives (writer/director), highlighting the grown children of women who disappeared during Argentina’s Dirty War, and Targets: Reporters in Iraq (writer/producer). Recent fictional works include the two-part U.S. miniseries Everything She Ever Wanted (director) and The Christmas Choir (director), based on the true story of a man who volunteers at a homeless shelter and forms a choir made up of its residents.