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La faute

Please note that this event is now archived.
Immersion in German cinema


Friday, 7 April 2017 | 18:00 La Maison du Cinéma

                                    Poster of La faute

Immersion in German cinema

In collaboration with the Goethe Institute - Montreal

The young priests Jakob, Dominik and Oliver are good friends, play football together and enjoy going to the pub for a beer. As Deputy Vicar General, Oliver has already taken the first step toward a career in the official church hierarchy. Dominik works in a parish and is committed to social work. Jakob probably has the hardest task, as he works as a prison chaplain. Then comes the shock: just as Dominik and Jakob are about to say Mass, the police arrive at the church to arrest Dominik. Allegedly, he has sexually abused minors. Neither Jakob nor Oliver are able or willing to believe in their friend’s guilt, especially as Dominik categorically rejects the allegations.

Dominik is placed in custody. His friends react differently as increasing evidence places his protestations in doubt. Oliver promises that they will get Dominik out of prison. He fears a scandal far more than the truth, which he wants to suppress and cover up at all costs? Even with hush money for the victims, if necessary. Jakob wants to find out the truth.


Gerd Schneider










German, subtitled in French


Sebastian Blomberg, Kai Schumann and Jan Messutat


AV Medien Penrose GmbH (Berlin), Penrose Film GmbH & Co. KG (Berlin), SWR (Stuttgart), BR (München), Arte Deutschland TV GmbH (Baden-Baden)


Goethe Institut Kanada
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Gerd Schneider

Gerd Schneider was born in Olpe in 1974. He studied Catholic Theology in Bonn and Vienna. During his studies, he completed several internships, including one at JVA Cologne-Ossendorf Correctional Facility. After receiving his degree, he began studies at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. For his graduation film AM RAND DER HOFFNUNG, he received several prizes. THE CULPABLE is his first feature film.



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