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Sur les toits Havane

Please note that this event is now archived.
Presence of guest(s)Quebec's cinema


Wednesday, 10 April 2019 | 12:00 La Maison du Cinéma

                                    Poster of Sur les toits Havane

Quebec's cinema

In collaboration with Hydro-Québec

Nestled above a decaying district of Havana is a secret village, hidden from the clamour of the streets below. Makeshift houses, pigeon coops, pig pens, altars to the gods of Santería, laundry flapping in the breeze and improvised gardens make up the sun-bathed landscape inhabited by Arturo, Tita, Pedro, Lala, Roberto, José, Reynol, Juan, Alejandro, Maria, Reina Maria and Pedro Juan. Like many other residents in Central Havana, they have been forced upwards by the chronic shortage of housing. These rooftop dwellers live in a unique world. The only thing they have in common is their modi vivendi. From their perch atop the city, they bear witness to a society that is in the process of a major historical transformation after more than 60 years of revolutionary government.


Pedro Ruiz


Canada - Québec








Spanish, subtitled in French


Faits Divers Média Inc


K-films Amérique
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Pedro Ruiz

Bachelor in Social Communication, photojournalist for Montreal newspaper Le Devoir since 2004 and filmmaker. His works include Animal Tropical à Montréal, a portrait of Cuban writer, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, broadcasted by ARTV. In 2009 he released, La dérive douce d’un enfant de Petit-Goâve, broadcasted by TV5 Québec. The film premiered at Montreal International Documentary Festival and earned the Prix du public. In 2010 the film was nominated Best Documentary Film at Banff World Media Festival. In 2012 he received funding from SODEC for scripting Les murs de N’dugu, a feature-length fiction. In the same year, he also released feature-length documentary film Philémon Chante Habana.



Pedro Ruiz

Pedro Ruiz, who holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication, is a photojournalist and a filmmaker. He directed Animal tropical…

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