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Octobre en Afghanistan

Please note that this event is now archived.
Short film

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A Flickering Truth Sunday, 9 April | 15:00 Back to the movie

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Groupe Via le Monde

To celebrate the anniversary of the group Via Le Monde, internationally recognized for its expertise in the production of documentaries and tv shows around the world, this short film about Bouzhachi, shot in Afghanistan in 1965 and directed by Daniel Bertolino, will precede the screening of the movie A Flickering Truth.

Daniel Bertolino has directed several films in Afghanistan since his arrival in Canada in 1967. His first shootings in this country were in 1961, though

In this excerpt from the series À coeur battant, a series of fiction that he has directed around the world for Radio-Canada, he shot the bouzkachi, the collective equestrian activity that is considered the national sport of the country. A similar sequence is found in the film A Flickering Truth which will follow the projection of this film clip.

Pictures :
Daniel Bertolino in Afghanistan, in 1975
Daniel Bertolino and carriers, for his shooting in Afghanistan
Photo credits : Via le Monde


Daniel Bertolino






0 minutes




Arabic and French, subtitled in French



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