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Please note that this event is now archived.
Movies in English or with English subtitles


Tuesday, 9 April 2019 | 18:30La Maison du Cinéma

Official Selection – Hot Docs 2018

Mamacita is an extravagant Mexican beauty queen living in her own kingdom in company of her loyal servants: gardener, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper and nurses. The 95-year-old lady has turned her house into a castle, hiding the open wounds of a prominent Mexican upper class family behind its stonewalls. When José Pablo went abroad to study flm, Mamacita made him promise to return to Mexico one day to make a flm about her life. He conquers his granny’s empire like a Trojan horse, discovering the haunted spirits of his own past and the lack of love that his entire clan has suffered from for generations.


José Pablo Estrada Torrescano


Mexico, Germany and Luxembourg








Spanish, subtitled in English


Fruitmarket Kultur und Medien GmbH


Autlook Films
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José Pablo Estrada Torrescano

José Pablo is a Mexican film director that lives and works in Düsseldorf. He studied for three years an MFA in Cinema and Digital Media with specialization in Directing at FAMU in Prague. He has a BA in Actuarial Sciences and a one-year specialization in Statistics from ITAM, Mexico City. José Pablo has performed in Jérôme Bel’s “The Show Must Go On” and on several Sound Poetry performances in Düsseldorf and Prague. “Mamacita” is José Pablo’s debut film.


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