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Please note that this event is now archived.


Friday, 13 April 2018 | 15:00 La Maison du Cinéma

                                    Poster of Carrefour

Titre original | KAFOU

Innovation Award – Caribbean Tales International Film Festival
Nommé – Meilleur Film Étranger – Orlando Film Festival

Port-au-Prince by night. Doc and Zoe are just hired to deliver an unknown package. Their job comes with three essential rules: never stop the car, never roll down the windows, never open the trunk. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. Each crossroad requires a sacrifice. Their decision will change their path irreversibly.


Bruno Mourral


Jasmuel Andri, Bruno Mourral, Gilbert Mirambeau Jr.






50 minutes




Creole, subtitled in French


Jasmuel Andri and Rolaphton Mercure


Muska Films


Muska Films
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Bruno Mourral

Born on July 18th 1983, Bruno Mourral is a commercial director and producer. After completing his high school at Lycée Alexandre Dumas, he went to France (Bordeaux) where he earned a degree in economics and management. Always fascinated by making movies, he joined a private school in Paris. While studying, he started directing commercials for Blue Mango in Haiti, a leading advertising agency. In 2007, he returned to Haiti where he founded Muska Group with Gaëthan Chancy. Muska is one of the leading company specialized in audiovisual production. In 2009, after an intensive course at the New York Film Academy, he created a second production company “Maninhat” based in Soho, Manhattan. Bruno’s talent led him to direct more then 50 commercials in the Caribbean (Haiti, Jamaica, Guadeloupe) and Africa (Egypt for BBDO and Ivory Coast). He won several awards for best commercials in several international festivals. For instance, we can name a few such as Flanm for Coca-Cola, Café Rebo, Atomik, Rhum Bakara and Big Shake who has been a huge success around the world on the internet. Big Shake had an appearance on several TV shows such as The Steve Harvey Show, Attack of the Show, and others in France and Japan. Today, Bruno focuses on directing and producing heartfelt movies with Muska Films. He just finished directing a 51 minutes film entitled Kafou, and will be directing Kidnapping Inc. in 2018 co-produced by Muska Films, Promenades Films and Canal Plus Antilles.

July 2018 Kidnapping S.A. Feature Film (Pre Production)
June 2017 Kafou Short Film (Post Production) (51 min)
October 2014 Kidnapping Kickstarter Pitch Short Film (5 min)
Octobre 2009 The Bachelor Short Film (Student 8 min)
September 2009 From Here to There Videoclip (Student – 2 min)
Mars 2007 The Necrologist Short Film (5 min)
June 2006 The Parking Finals Short Film (Student 18 min.)
February 2006 Nokia Fake commercial 35mm (Student 20 secs)
Janvier 2006 Zesonneries Fake commercial 35mm (Student 40 secs)
June 2005 The Bookmaker Short Film (Student 10min)
November 2004 The Dumbwaiter Short Film (Student 5 min)
May 2004 Bad heart stroke Court-métrage (Student 10 min)
February 2004 The Parking Resolutions Short Film (Student 10 min)