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Programme de courts métrages Short & Sweet

Please note that this event is now archived.
Short film

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Ciné-Rue Friday, 7 April | 19:00 Consult the activity

Come and experience the charm of open-air cinema, and discover short and creative movies with family, friends or simply by yourself.
Be ready to smile and to have fun!
A selection of the Festival REGARD
Free entry!

A selection of the Festival Regard.

Le bruit du gris, by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar – 2016
Belgium, Animation, 3min01, English, sub.French

A still frame, the hallway of the gray, dull house of Horse, Cowboy and Indian. Cowboy and his crazy stooges fill the place, giving it life and color. Until a troublemaker enters and ruins everything?

Deux dollars, by Emmanuel Tenenbaum – 2016
France Canada (Quebec), Fiction, 9min59, French sub. English
After a week of leave, Sylvie is back at the Quebec company where she has been an exemplary employee for more than 15 years. She’s then requested to attend a bizarre meeting.

Fantasia, by Teemu Nikki – 2016
Finland, Fiction, 9min20, Finnish sub. English
A country boy doesn’t want to eat potatoes. He wants something more exotic.

Parade, by Digna van der Put – 2015
Netherlands, Animation, 4min14, without dialogue
Six fanfare flute players explore the landscape of the uniform. A journey that does not go unscathed.

Walking the Cow, by Alexanne Desrosiers – 2016
Canada (Quebec), Animation, 1min54, English sub. French
Is there cows on the moon?

Deux escargots s?en vont, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet – 2016
France, Animation, 3min14, French sub. English
Two snails set off for a dead leaf’s funeral.




International, subtitled in French