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22.03.14 -

Mourir en vie

Free screening. With Marcel Sabourin, Benoit Brière, Élise Guibault and Dorothée Berryman After the screening, the director and actor Benoit Brière, and Dr. Jean-François Chicoine, writer and producer of the film, will discuss with the audience. Hosted by Dr Mélissa Généreux. Montreal, a multigenerational house loaded with books, paintings and knick-knacks, so many memories revived on the evening of one last Christmas Eve. Luc, a retired pediatrician and teacher in his eighties, lives with his son François, a pediatrician like his father, and François’ wife Esther. Suffering and physically diminished, the old man has now decided to end his life. In a corrosive and sensitive verbal joust, he asks his son to end his days in privacy. The son then takes him on an existential and circus-like journey through the streets of Montreal where the father is supposed to go to his final destination, a hospital where he will be confronted with his ultimate wish: the choice between the finality of medical aid to die or a return to square one, the small pleasures of what remains of his life, alive.

22.02.28 -

La Lumière de Léonie

Nomination – Great Lake Christian Film Festival – 2021Official selection – Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma – 2021Official selection – Faith Fest – 2021 The Little Sisters Of The Holy Family are separating themselves from the relic of their foundress, Blessed Marie-Léonie Paradis, to share her with the surrounding community. Sisters Rachel, Denise, Marie-Paule and Grace testify their unflinching faith which grants them the strength to surrender to the flow of life.

22.02.28 -

Le bruit des moteurs

Official selection – San Sebastian International Film Festival – 2021Official selection – Bogota International Film Festival – 2021Festival International du Film de La Roche-sur-Yon – 2021 With Robert Naylor, Tanja Björk, Marie-Thérèse Fortin, Naïla Rabel, Alexandrine Agostini, Marc Beaupré, Maxime Genois Alexandre, an instructor at the Canadian customs college, will finds himself under surveillance by police investigators trying to get to the bottom of the sexually explicit drawings that have been troubling the town.

22.02.28 -

Dialogues pour un homme seul

Official selection – The International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) – 2021 In a magnificent, strangely empty theater, Edgar Bori embodies the quest of an author-in-residence working on the final draft of his next creation. Poetic lyrics, timeless melodies, the actor sings and speaks words that merge with those of Quebec poet and playwright Michel Garneau, whose powerful voice charged with meaning can be heard from time to time. We are carried away in the bewitching and luxuriant universe of a dramatic musical where imagination takes over through the dialogues of a lonely man. Alone, but not quite, for around him appear and disappear Jean-François Groulx, his accomplice musician, and Josianne Paradis, his idealized muse. This feature film stages the story of a romantic author’s last flight, as he risks himself into recapturing an unforgettable flame of his youth.Directed by Jean-Pierre Gariépy, this is a film adaptation of the play “Garneau/Bori” created in 2017 by Edgar Bori and directed by Michel Bruzat (Théâtre de la Passerelle, France).

22.02.28 -

L’acte de la beauté

Nestled at the heart of the Bic mountains, in this territory called Lower St. Lawrence, hides a community of wise people, audacious people taking root. The collective farm Sageterre is the work of Jean Bédard, writer, philosopher but most importantly, a peasant. His writing calls for action. His work on the land cultivates ideas. Jean Bédard fights to see a new, more humane world, rise.

22.02.28 -

La coop de ma mère

Filmed over two years, My Mom’s Co-op reveals a place where, despite the challenges of collective management, 40 families successfully resist the pull of the individual. This intercultural, intergenerational melting pot is the new face of the co-operative movement where everyone, no matter their hardships, can find peace, security and most importantly a home.

22.02.28 -


WORLD PREMIERE WITH CAROLE LAGANIÈRE, THE FILM DIRECTOR Fuir est tourné dans une maison pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale. C’est un film qui témoigne du courage de femmes qui pour la plupart témoignent à visage découvert. C’est une chronique avec ses hauts et ses bas, ses moments dramatiques et heureux, et au centre de laquelle se trouvent résidentes et intervenantes. L’action de Fuir se déroule sur plus de trois mois et nomme les blessures immenses des femmes violentées et la grande générosité de celles qui tentent de les réparer.

22.02.28 -


Best Screenplay – Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal – 2021Best Screenplay – Whistler Film Festival – 2021EDA Award for Best Female Directed Feature – 2021 With Christine Beaulieu, Jean-Sébastien Courchesne, Jean-Luc Kanapé Accompanied by her lover, Sophie (Christine Beaulieu) travels to the Côte-Nord to honour her late father’s last wishes: namely, to have his ashes scattered in Schefferville, the place where he’d spent much of his life before the mine closed. When tragedy strikes, the couple find themselves trapped in a near-ghost town whose past secrets begin to bubble back up to the surface. A spine-tingling thriller set way, way out of the city, Fortin’s splendidly crafted first feature, anchored in the Innu community of Matimekush, ventures into an isolated region to set the stage for an authentic encounter between the quintessential city slicker and nature.

22.02.28 -

Damascus Dreams

Rotterdam International Film Festival – 2021International Critics’ Award – Festival du nouveau cinéma 2021Best Canadian Documentary Film (Jury Mention) – Vancouver International Film Festival – 2021Middle East Now! – 2021 How does one remember a homeland they are so deeply connected to and disconnected from? When Canadian born filmmaker Emilie travels to Syria for the first time in ten years, she feels alienated. A year later, when her grandmother dies and the war begins, she tries to piece back together an image of this elusive country she desperately wants to call her own. Gathering evidence from the past, stories from refugees and bringing along her father for the ride, Emilie embarks on a lucid dream journey hoping to resurrect a fading connexion with her homeland and her father.

22.02.28 -


Official Selection – Calgary International Film Festival – 2021Opening Film – Festival international du film francophone en Acadie – 2021Official Selection- Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal – 2021Closing Film – Toronto Black Film Festival – 2022Official Selection – Halifax Black Film Festival – 2022 Scared for their lives, Afshin, Alain and Patricia left their home countries, alone. As unaccompanied minors, they had to start over in Canada, in hopes to live a better life. Mixing real-life footage and animated sequences, Alone is a tribute to hope: how can a child manage to reinvent himself in a new country, after having left everything behind, even his parents? 10 years and older.