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23.03.11 -

Tant qu’il y aura des fleurs

*** ENGLISH SYNOPSIS NOT AVAILAIBLE *** La première gelée de septembre a recouvert le jardin de fleurs de Marie-Pier, relevant les derniers éclats des dahlias. Accueillant doucement cette transition vers l’hiver, celle-ci en profite pour mettre en terre les tulipes, enracinant ses espoirs pour les générations futures. Prix coup de coeur – Course des régions...

23.03.10 -

Nos couleurs autochtones | Programme du courts métrages du Wapikoni

Nos couleurs autochtones brings together a selection of short films that celebrate the diversity of contemporary and traditional First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures and artistic expressions. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Tayka Raymond, Wapikoni Ambassador Au programme : Kitci nehirowiskwew – La grande dame Atikamekw, by Élisa Moar et...

23.03.02 -

Le coyote

With Jorge Martinez Colorado, Enzo Desmeules Saint-Hilaire, Eva Avila A cook in his heyday, Camilo is now a wornout fifty-year-old who works for a cleaning company. We can guess a personal failure in the past of this solitary Mexican living in Montreal. However, Camilo wants to get back on track and an opportunity to recover his culinary passion finally presents itself. Everything is in place for this new beginning when Camilo receives a visit from his daughter Tania, with whom he had cut ties because of her drug addiction. She tells him that he is a grandfather and asks him to take care of the child while she undergoes her umpteenth rehab. The arrival of this grandson will upset Camilo’s plans. There will be a new beginning for him, certainly, but not as he imagined it.

23.03.02 -


According to the FAO, the earth’s topsoil could vanish within 60 years, worn away by erosion. Aware that time is running out, a pair of market gardeners strive to implement nature’s fundamental principles in their fields in an attempt to forge a new alliance with all living organisms, a stance that requires great humility. Their quest is guided by ancient and new-found knowledge that confirms the interdependence of all that lives, the result of millions of years of co-evolution. Source IMDB

23.03.02 -

Je pleure dans ma tête

How can refugee children integrate into Quebec’s school system, given the unspeakable violence they’ve experienced? Following a psychologist specializing in conflict-related trauma, Unspoken Tears pays tribute to the admirable resilience and survival strategies of these “small adults”, whose spirit the bombs and camps have not completely crushed, at a time when it is vital to...

23.03.02 -


*** English synopsis not avalaible*** Des voix de femmes s’élèvent pour livrer des témoignages de victime de violence sexuelle. C’est par la reconstitution d’un récit avec ces fragments de vécu qu’un portrait sociétal se brosse au fil du documentaire. Telle une mosaïque, les morceaux se recollent pour construire une histoire unique qui pourrait être celle...

23.03.02 -


Short film of dance, inspired by the intimate relationship between a daughter and her mother. Growing Up explores the depths of unique physical and emotional bonds, as well as the process of mutual and constant transformation that takes place during this human experience.

23.03.02 -

Le mythe de la femme noire

Le Mythe de la Femme Noire is a feature-length documentary that explores the image of black women in society, from the sexualized Jezebel to the well-liked Nanny to the “angry” black woman. Experts say the Black community is the minority most affected by stereotypes invented centuries ago. In this film, Black women, all of which are acclaimed leaders in their fields, tell of the challenges these made-up representations of them have created in their lives. Their compelling stories are supported by fascinating, never-seen-before footage from several centuries. Magnus-Isacsson Prize – Montreal International Documentary Festival

23.03.02 -

Entrée interdite

Prohibited, abandoned, and unexplored sites are hidden and sealed in Montreal. Entering defies the law, danger, and death. The urbex community is an even better-kept secret. Enter into this universe at your peril. Official Selection – Cinema on the Bayou – États-Unis – 2023 Official Selection – Oneota Film Festival – États-Unis – 2023 Official...

23.03.02 -

Chien blanc

Adapted from Romain Gary’s novel. 1968. United States are on the verge of implosion: Martin Luther King is assassinated and racial hatreds put the country to fire and blood. Romain Gary, who lives in Los Angeles with his wife, the actress Jean Seberg, takes in a stray dog. The dog quickly finds his place in the house, with Diego, the couple’s only son. He is affectionate with everyone. Everyone, except Black people. This is because White Dog is a dog specially trained to chase away Black protesters. For Seberg, who is very active in the Black Panthers, it is unthinkable to keep the dog, but for Gary, it is unthinkable to shoot him. Gary is fixated on this animal: he cannot abandon it. He entrusts him to a kennel in the hope of curing the dog of this hatred that man has embedded in his body. And it’s Keys, a black healer, who takes charge of reforming the beast. Inhabited by his own tragedy, he will not take shortcuts to do his job. Official Selection – Filmfest Hamburg- 2022Official Selection – Festival Cinemania – 2022


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