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19.03.02 -


Competing for the Cercle d’or Meilleur court métrage de l’Estrie (Best Short in the Eastern Townships award), presented by La Fabrique culturelle A young woman reminisces about her days spent riding a bicycle and eating candy in a park. That sweet nostalgia.

19.03.02 -


Competing for the Cercle d’or Meilleur court métrage de l’Estrie (Best Short in the Eastern Townships award), presented by La Fabrique culturelle A day in the life of Ponderosa, a young woman who cannot escape the daily exploits brought upon her by tainted, yet lustful, showgoers. What do they truly seek? Her inner particular kink. From the Eastern Townships, Julien Grégoire Péloquin is heavily inspired from his surroundings, but is always stepping outside his comfort zone to find new horizons. While he is inspired by many Filmmakers, Julien strives to create a distinct style of his own.

19.03.02 -

Ange & Ovni

Grand Prix – Festival du film court de Dinan 2018 Lili is nothing like her family: the sister is pathetic and the mother thinks her crazy. She will meet The Martian, a misfit teen. Together, they form a bond hatched from their imaginary worlds. Content producer, filmmaker and author, Sandrine Béchade graduated in Montreal from Concordia University in Film Production and the National Institute of Image and Sound, she signed documentary productions before making her short fiction film, Angel & Alien.

19.03.02 -


Four friends swear the solemn oath. Joëlle Arseneau is from the Magdalen Islands and has been living in Montreal (QC) for a few years. Her passion for film has led her to explore many facets of this art, both as director and producer. In 2009, she founded Le Pied Marin Production.

19.03.02 -

Ces gens du pays…

Mention honorable – Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2018 My Thu is a Vietnamese immigrant who fled her country during the war. After a life of struggle, she is now facing an imminent eviction. Trapped in a gentrification battle and unable to speak her mind in another language, she needs her daughter’s help. As a young woman director, I am very interested by human causes, human feelings and social issues. I was a volunteer at Red Cross and in a children’s hospital; it was an important moment in my artistic life. I graduated in editing studies in France, then I moved in Canada, to have more work opportunities. Now I manage my time to create short movies, and translate stories into pictures and feeling into sound.

19.03.02 -


Katiana emerges. She finally takes her head off the water and she speaks for all Haitian women. Clarissa Rebouças is Brazilian and has lived in Quebec since November 2015. She is a director, screenwriter and editor. She has directed more than ten short fictions and documentary shorts around the world that have been selected in some international festivals. Her short “Desvelo” (2012) has won seven awards in total. She has also written two TV series in Brazil and at the moment she is filming a web serie in Quebec City. Currently she is developing her first feature called Cine Ruby. A native of Saint-Bruno-de-Kamouraska, Julie Bernier obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi in 2013. Through performance, video and installation, she tries to raise social questions by infiltrating circulation and stimulating exchanges and human contacts. Her work inspires her with texts of a documentary and poetic nature and it is this rich material that ignites her slams. The work of last Thursday (pseudonym used when she feels like it) was seen in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec City, Montreal, the Magdalen Islands and Chicago.

19.03.02 -

Des j’aimes pour maman

Facebook, 2018. Entre les mamans professionnelles qui font carrière de l’exposition de leur vie de famille et les mamans ordinaires actives sur les médias sociaux, se trouve une ribambelle d’enfants qui, trop jeunes pour être consultés, verront leur enfance exposée en ligne… ou ailleurs. Un film documentaire qui propose une réflexion sur la vie privée des enfants à l’ère des médias sociaux.

19.02.26 -

Quand les pouvoirs s’emmêlent

For the past 2 decades, in many regions of the world, religious and political powers got closer. In those same regions, women rights are weakened and affected. In Arabic countries, women have lost liberties acquired in the middle of the 20th century and under the appearance of liberty, the western countries are more and more influenced by the return of a very strong traditional wind. Entangled Powers is an initiatory road movie in the heart of those changes in Tunis, Paris, Washington, and Montreal. Graduated from the University of Montreal in Film Studies, Yvonne Defour has signed about 50 videos before joining the television market. In 2018, she directed a film for cinema called Entangled Powers… This feature-length documentary addresses the tricky link between politics and religion, a link that can, when too mixed up, contribute to pushing back the place of women in society. In 2017, she directed a documentary for television, Vieux, that depicts how elders are coping according to the country they’re living in 4 destinies from Senegal, China, Sri Lanka, and Sweden. In the last 20 years, Yvonne has worked on more than 20 documentary series for Canadian television as a director. These series, broadcasted in several American and European countries, have been rewarded with numerous nominations but moreover, they had a major impact on a wide audience. Yvonne’s natural empathy and curiosity towards everything that deals with human nature had led her to shoot widely on the five continents of the planet. Among her recent productions, one can find, among […]