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22.02.28 -

Three Floors

Nominee – Palme d’Or – Cannes Film Festival – 2021Nominee – Best Film – Golden Ciak Awards – 2021 Three families live in a three-story building. Over a ten year period, life forces the characters to deal with conflicts that affect the relationships between siblings, parents and children, husbands and wives. The choices each of them makes reflect universal moral issues and have repercussions on their lives.

22.02.28 -

Anima Bella

CANADIAN PREMIERE Gioia has just turned 18. She lives with her father Bruno in a small country village where she works as a shepherdess. They live very simply yet harmoniously with the villagers. Their lives are disrupted when Bruno gives in once again and once too many to his gambling addiction, in spite of his efforts to quit. Gioia will have to follow him to a faraway town, where he will be treated in a specialized center. This will radically change her existence, forcing her to abandon the safety of the village, her friends and her habits. She will be all by herself to support her father, in his journey for a better life.

22.02.28 -


Official Selection – Mostra de Venise – 2021Official Selection – Panorama of European Cinema – 2022Official Selection – Göteborg Film Festival – 2022 In an inaccessible location on the Italian territory, an old nineteenth-century jail is in the process of being vacated, when bureaucracy comes in the way. Together with a handful of officers, a dozen prisoners are left behind in a suspended bubble where rules get hazy, and new relationships form.

22.02.28 -

Il legionario

Best Emerging Director Award – Festival du film de Locarno – 2021Sélection officielle – Alice nella Città – 2021Prix Art Cinema – CICAE Annecy cinéma Italien – 2021 You may choose to ignore it but right now, in Rome, there’s a battle raging. Thousands of desperate people are forced to occupy empty buildings in order to have a roof over their heads.The police is entrusted with the responsibility of upholding the law and stopping this from happening. Daniel, born in Rome of African parents, grew up in an occupied building. Many years ago, he decided to leave and make a life for himself, but now he is forced to go back only this time, as a policeman with the mobile task force. His job is to evict the building where his mother and his brother still live. In fact, his brother has become the leader of the occupiers and Daniel, a cop among occupiers or an occupier among cops, must choose: remain faithful to his police corp or save his family from eviction.

22.02.28 -

Welcome Venice

Official Selection – Mostra de Venise – 2021 Pietro and Alvise are heirs to a family of fishermen on the island of Giudecca, in the Venice lagoon. They clash on what should be done with their family house. The deepening impact of global tourism has strongly changed Venice and it has altered the very relationship between city and citizen, between home and life. And the pandemic has made this crisis more evident. Although it is a hard life, Pietro would like to continue fishing for “moeche”, the typical crabs of the lagoon. On the other hand, Alvise wants to take advantage of the house to restart his life, trying to enter the elite of the real estate power that runs the city. Their clash involves the whole family in a choral tale of how our world is changing.

22.02.28 -


Official Selection – Mostra de Venise – 2021Official Selection – Mostra de Cinema Italià de Barcelona – Spain- 2021In Competition – Tokyo International Film Festival – Japan – 2021 Jamila is a Moroccan girl from southern Italy who is figuring out life without guidance, friends, or money. She is intelligent and resourceful though and at times it seems she is blazing her own path. But her pride and restlessness may cause her to slip through the cracks. Filmed at different stages of Jamila’s life, from 9 to 14 years old, Californie is an intimate and respectful depiction of how teenagers on the margins find their place in society.

22.02.28 -

Miss Marx

CANADIAN PREMIERE En compétition – Mostra de Venise – 2020Official selection – Belgrade International Film Festival – 2021Best Producer, Best Music, Best Costume Design – David di Donatello Awards – 2021Prize Italy in the World – Globi d’Oro – 2021 With Romola Garai, Patrick Kennedy, John Gordon Sinclair Bright, intelligent, passionate and free, Eleanor is Karl Marx’s youngest daughter. Among the first women to link the themes of feminism and socialism, she takes part in the workers’ battles and fights for women’s rights and the abolition of child labor. In 1883 she meets Edward Aveling and her life is crushed by their passionate but tragic love story.

22.02.28 -


Official Selection – Quinzaine des Réalisateurs | Festival de Cannes – 2021Official Selection – New York Film Festival – 2021Official Selection ACI Giovani – Annecy Cinéma Italien – 2021Official Selection International Feature Film Competition – Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival – 2021Official Selection – Bogotà International Film Festival – 2021 Futura is a collective reportage by Pietro Marcello, Francesco Munzi and Alice Rohrwacher. It explores what boys and girls aged 15 to 20 think about the future through a series of interviews filmed during a long journey across Italy. A portrait of this country as seen through the eyes of a group of teen-agers who speak of the places they live in, of their dreams, expectations, desires and fears.

22.02.28 -


Best Actress | Mostra de Venise | 1968 Terence Stamp stars as the mysterious stranger—perhaps an angel, perhaps a devil—who, one by one, seduces the members of a wealthy Milanese family, precipitating an existential crisis in each of their lives. Unfolding nearly wordlessly in a procession of sacred and profane images, this tantalizing metaphysical riddle—blocked from exhibition by the Catholic Church for degeneracy—is at once a blistering Marxist treatise on sex, religion, and art and a primal scream into the void.

22.02.16 -

The King of the Laughter

QUEBEC PREMIERE Best Film – Golden Ciak Awards – 2021Best Dressmaker – Venice Film Festival – 2021Best Actor – Venice Film Festival – 2021 With Toni Servillo, Maria Nazionale, Cristiana Dell’Anna At the beginning of the twentieth century, in the Naples of the Belle Époque, theaters and cinemas are on the rise. The great comedian Eduardo Scarpetta is the box-office king. Success made him a very rich man: from his humble origins, he established himself on the scene with his comedies and the mask and character of Felice Sciosciammocca, who managed to replace Pulcinella in the hearts of the Neapolitan audiences. The theater is his life, and his complex family core gravitates around the theater, with wives, companions, lovers, legitimate and illegitimate children including Titina, Eduardo and Peppino De Filippo. At the height of his success, Scarpetta allows himself what will prove to be a dangerous gamble. He decides to parody the play The Daughter of Iorio, a tragedy by the greatest Italian poet of the time, Gabriele D’Annunzio. On opening night, all hell breaks loose: the play is interrupted by screams, whistles and insults from the poets and playwrights of the new generation who cry out scandal, and Scarpetta ends up being sued for plagiarism by D’Annunzio himself. And so, the first historic copyright lawsuit in Italy begins. The years of the trial will be exhausting for him and his whole family, so much so that the delicate balance that held it together seems on the verge of dissolving. Everything in Scarpetta’s life seems […]