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23.03.02 -


*** English synopsis not avalaible*** Des voix de femmes s’élèvent pour livrer des témoignages de victime de violence sexuelle. C’est par la reconstitution d’un récit avec ces fragments de vécu qu’un portrait sociétal se brosse au fil du documentaire. Telle une mosaïque, les morceaux se recollent pour construire une histoire unique qui pourrait être celle...

23.03.02 -


Short film of dance, inspired by the intimate relationship between a daughter and her mother. Growing Up explores the depths of unique physical and emotional bonds, as well as the process of mutual and constant transformation that takes place during this human experience.

23.03.02 -

Entrée interdite

Prohibited, abandoned, and unexplored sites are hidden and sealed in Montreal. Entering defies the law, danger, and death. The urbex community is an even better-kept secret. Enter into this universe at your peril. Official Selection – Cinema on the Bayou – États-Unis – 2023 Official Selection – Oneota Film Festival – États-Unis – 2023 Official...

23.03.02 -

Laura au printemps

Laura is taking a break from her intense family life, alone in a cottage. She hadn’t experience real loneliness since the birth of her children. The silence will allow her to hear a voice she had not heard for a long time.

23.03.02 -

Les racines d’un bâtisseur

*** English synopsis not avalaible *** Les racines d’un bâtisseur est un documentaire qui relate l’histoire du sénateur Charles B. Howard, homme d’affaire prospère du début des années 1900 qui a contribué à l’émancipation de la ville de Sherbrooke et de sa communauté. Politicien engagé, il fut également un acteur important sur la scène politique...

22.02.16 -

Ils dansent avec leurs têtes

Official Selection – Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy – 2021Special Mention : Animation Painting Competition – Animaphix International Animated Film Festival – 2021Best International Dance Film – Choreoscope, Barcelona Dance Film Festival – 2021 The severed head of a choreographer is held captive by an eagle on a desert island. With a dazzling mastery of drawing and painting, this animated short unexpectedly takes us into the sensitive world of an artist madly in love with dance.

22.02.16 -

Rien ne se perd

In the Slovenian Alps, a young man patiently continues the tradition of his village. In the repetition and rigor of the work and in the daily transformation of nature, he draws astonishing inspiration. Shot in the midst of a global pandemic, None but the Clouds is a documentary essay on the powerful dynamism of life.

22.02.16 -

Pour être moins seule

Official Selection – Cinema on the Bayou – États-Unis – 2022 English synopsis is not available.Please see the French version of the film’s page for more information.

22.02.16 -

Au bout de nos traces

Official Selection – Inshadow Lisbon screendance festival – Portugal – 2021Official Selection – Parcours Danse – Canada – 2021 A work of cinedance moving between dream and reality, presence and absence, memories and present-future. An impalpable atmosphere filled with the presence of nothing. A metaphor for a breathless, dried up land, and vanished relationships.What is left when there is nothing left? Intangible traces, perhaps. Relentless movement and hope, absurd yet necessary.

22.02.16 -


Following the death of her father, Margaux returns to her childhood home where she faces demons of her past life.


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