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23.03.02 -

The Other Tom

Elena is a single mother who relies on Social Services. Her son Tom has behavioral issues and is stigmatized at school as a “problem child” in the border city of El Paso, Texas. An absent father further complicates their difficult relationship. Tom is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and prescribed psychiatric medication, but...

22.02.28 -

Son of Monarchs

QUEBEC PREMIERE Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize – Sundance Film Festival – 2021Grand Jury Prize / New American Competition – Seattle International Film Festival 2021 After his grandmother’s death, a Mexican biologist living in New York returns to his hometown, nestled in the majestic monarch butterfly forests of Michoacán. The journey forces him to confront past traumas and reflect on his hybrid identity, sparking a personal and spiritual metamorphosis.

22.02.28 -


CANADIAN PREMIERE Winner – Best Feature Film – OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival – 2022Winner – Prix du Jury – Des Images Aux Mots – 2022Winner – Prix du Public – Des Images Aux Mots – 2022 A devastating earthquake hits Oaxaca and causes hundreds to fall victims to its effects. The drastic physical effects are felt in Mexico while across the globe its emotional effects are felt in Finland. This seismic movement has caused an emotional tremor in the lives of people with secrets, frustrations, and hidden relationships that will materialise amongst the debris, screams, and dust. After this earthquake, nothing will be the same for the lives of the Muxes. The first body found after the earthquake belongs to Delirio, an elderly Muxe. She is not a man or a woman. She is a pioneer that has fought for decades so that people like her could find their place in a pa-triarchal and sexist society. Delirio is a spiritual leader, and mentor for the young Muxes. She also has a special gift, she has premonitions of death, even of people she doesn’t know.

22.02.28 -

Sons of Mezcal

CANADIAN PREMIERE Ingrained in the culture of Oaxaca, Mezcal is more than an intoxicating spirit. It is the sacred link that binds modern day Mezcaleros to their ancestors. The documentary Sons of Mezcal transports you into this living history, as it follows four families passing their traditions on to the next generation. Shot entirely cinéma vérité, Sons of Mezcal explores the profound personal and cultural significance of mezcal for those families whose life is dedicated to making this sacred spirit.

21.10.15 -

Summer White

Best Ibero-American Film, Best Screenplay & Best Supporting Actor – Málaga Film FestivalSelection – Sundance Film Festival 13-year-old Rodrigo’s entire world revolves around his intimate relationship with his mother, but it all begins to fall apart when she brings home a new boyfriend.