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24.03.04 -


On the island of Crete, under the reign of King Minos, Humans worship and fear the Gods of Olympus. Only a fool would dare to offend them. 8 year and older

24.03.04 -

La Sirène

After an Iraqi missile strike, the oil metropolis of Abadan descends into chaos. Fourteen-year-old Omid, who works as a food delivery boy, is searching for his missing brother – and for an escape route out of the besieged city. 13 year and older Best Original Music Award – Annecy International Animated Film Festival – 2023Best...

24.03.04 -

La ligne

After a violent argument with her mother, Margaret, 35, is subject to a restraining order before her trial. She is no longer allowed to contact her mother or go within 100 meters of the family home for three months. This distance separating her from her home only makes her want to be closer to her family and she comes back every day to be confronted by this invisible border. Official selection – Berlinale – 2022

24.03.04 -

Les Damnés ne pleurent pas

Fatima-Zahra and her teenage son Selim move from place to place, forever trying to outrun the latest scandal she’s caught up in. When Selim discovers the truth about their past, Fatima-Zahra vows to make a fresh start. In Tangier, new opportunities promise the legitimacy they each crave — but not without pushing the volatile mother-son relationship to the breaking point. Official Selection – London Film Festival – 2022Official Selection – Venice Film Festival – 2022 Moroccan cinema is presented in collaboration with the Centre culturel marocain de Montréal.

24.03.04 -

Une vie comme une autre

My father immortalized, in family films, the most beautiful moments of his life, while my mother’s difficulties hit the blind spot in his images. Today, I revisit these films to tell another story: the one about a woman who sees her role as a mother gradually taking away her freedom.

24.03.04 -

Best of Annecy | Films d’animation | Partie 2

Best of Annecy 2023 program combines a selection of shorts, mainly winning films from the latest Festival international du film d’animation d’Annecy. In the program:– Mano, by Toke Ringmann Madsen– Drijf, by Levi Stoops– Havnesjefen, by Mia L. Henriksen and Konrad Hjemli– 27, by Flóra Anna Buda*– Clavel gris, by l’école de l’image GOBELINS Countries of production: Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Norway 13 years and older. * Featured Picture

23.03.11 -


7 and over When 9-year-old Babs receives a pig named Oink as a present from her grandfather, she convinces her parents to keep it. But her parents are not the biggest threat to Oink because her grandfather is secretly taking part in the sausage competition with her pet on the chopping block. Best Feature Film – Netherlands Film Festival – 2022Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film – European Film Awards – 2022Official Selection – Berlin Film Festival – 2022

23.03.02 -

Le Bleu du caftan

Halim and Mina run a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas. In order to keep up with demanding customers, they hire a talented young man as an apprentice. Slowly Mina realises how much her husband is moved by his presence. Official Selection – Un certain regard – Cannes Festival – 2022Official Selection – Toronto International Film Festival – 2022

23.03.02 -

Le Pharaon, le Sauvage et la Princesse

6 and up A storyteller tells a captivated audience three stories exploring three different eras, through tales at the crossroads of storytelling, fable and history. A trio of colorful, sophisticated animated tales from Sudan, Medieval France and 18th century Turkey. Official Selection – Annecy International Animation Film Festival – 2022 Youth Selection – Marrakech International...

23.03.02 -

Young Plato

QUEBEC PREMIERE Young Plato charts the dream of Elvis-loving school headmaster Kevin McArevey – a maverick who is determined to change the fortunes of an inner-city community plagued by urban decay, sectarian aggression, poverty and drugs. The all-boys primary school in post-conflict Belfast, Northern Ireland, becomes a hot house for thinking and questioning, as the...