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24.03.04 -

La muerte no existe y el amor tampoco

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Emilia is invited to return to her hometown in Patagonia to spread the ashes of Andrea, her best friend. Emilia pauses her life and travels for the ceremony. The snow and the wind of the south are the setting of a trip to the past in which she relives her friendship with...

24.03.04 -

La Ola Sin Fronteras

QUEBEC PREMIERE The Gauchos del mar brothers explore the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), a 700 hundred islands archipelago, aiming to unite and construct bridges through surfing and the ocean. After the 1982 War, the islands have been a very delicate subject in the Southern Hemisphere. This project aims to bring peace and start building a...

23.03.02 -


Manuel (16) lives in a small coastal town. He plays bass in a band with his best friends. One of them is Felipe, with whom he shares a strong friendship from a very young age. Manuel is dating Azul, a relationship that they are intensely exploring. But when it comes time to have their first...

22.02.28 -

Our Happiest Days

CANADIAN PREMIERE Winner – HFPA Special Prize – Venice Film Festival – 2021Venice Festival College Biennale – 2021 Agatha (74) and Leonidas (36) maintain an absorbing mother-son relationship: Agatha never fell in love again and Leonidas does not dare to build a life outside the doors of the family home. One day, Agatha suddenly wakes up in the body of a little girl: as herself, but with eight years old. The only possible solution after having cut off all ties with the outside world for fear of giving explanations, will be to call Elisa (38), Agatha’s eldest daughter, who despite having become independent a long time ago, will return to the family home to repair wounds that remain open.

21.10.15 -

One in a Thousand

QUEBEC PREMIERE Official Selection – Panorama Berlinale – 2020 Best Picture Prize – Jeonju Film Festival, South Korea – 2020Special Jury Prize of Fiction Competition – Festival de Lima, Peru – 2020 Set in a community of project houses “Las Mil y Una” is a coming of age story which explores deep friendship and sexual awakening. When Iris meets Renata, a young woman with a tough past, she feels immediately attracted to her. She will have to overcome stigma and struggle with her insecurities in order to experiment first love. A story full of tenderness in a very hostile environment where desire adapts many forms in the darkness, and gossip can turn into a hostile weapon.

20.05.25 -


Prix du Meilleur scénario – Festival de Cine de La Habana 2018 (Cuba) Sélection officielle – Festival international du film de Rotterdam 2019 (Pays-Bas) Cecilia and Diego have recently moved to a remote village in Patagonia. Unable to conceive children, they have been in an adoption waiting list for a long time. The sudden arrival of 9-year old Joel will turn their lives upside down. An accelerated paternity learning process and a conflict raised at the only local public school, will force them to re-examine their decisions. Presentation of the film by Dr. Jean-François Chicoine Watch the film Click on the Watch the film button below; Create your free Vimeo account or login to your Vimeo session if you already have an account; Once logged in, a free promotional code will automatically appear; All you have to do is take advantage of the free movie rental, valid for 24 hours. Enjoy the movie! Find our detailed user guide if you need it. Watch also the video presentation of the film by Dr Chicoine, available below! Watch the film Watch the film PRESENTATION Discover the interview with Dr. Chicoine, previously President of the jury of the FCMS International Competition, who presents his analysis of the film. Discover the films distributed by Latido Films at www.latidofilms.com

20.05.19 -

L’ultime voyage

Recipient of 4 International Audience Awards Abraham Bursztein, an 88-year old Jewish tailor, leaves Buenos Aires for Poland, where he will try to find the man who saved him from a certain death after surviving Auschwitz. Escaping from his family who wanted to put him in a nursing home, against all odds, after more than seven decades with no news from him, Abraham will attempt to find his old friend and fulfil his promise of returning one day to tell him all about the life he had thanks to his courage. Discover the films distributed by AZ Films at azfilms.ca