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24.03.04 -

Amazonie, à la rencontre des gardiens et des gardiennes de la forêt

WORLD PREMIERE With a hybrid style blending political essay and road movie, this documentary by Santiago Bertolino takes us into the heart of the Amazonian reality. Following Marie-Josée Béliveau, an ecologist and ethnogeographer, they journey together along the 4000 km from the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil to one of its sources in...

24.03.04 -

Une vie comme une autre

My father immortalized, in family films, the most beautiful moments of his life, while my mother’s difficulties hit the blind spot in his images. Today, I revisit these films to tell another story: the one about a woman who sees her role as a mother gradually taking away her freedom.

23.03.11 -

Tant qu’il y aura des fleurs

*** ENGLISH SYNOPSIS NOT AVAILAIBLE *** La première gelée de septembre a recouvert le jardin de fleurs de Marie-Pier, relevant les derniers éclats des dahlias. Accueillant doucement cette transition vers l’hiver, celle-ci en profite pour mettre en terre les tulipes, enracinant ses espoirs pour les générations futures. Prix coup de coeur – Course des régions...

23.03.02 -

Young Plato

QUEBEC PREMIERE Young Plato charts the dream of Elvis-loving school headmaster Kevin McArevey – a maverick who is determined to change the fortunes of an inner-city community plagued by urban decay, sectarian aggression, poverty and drugs. The all-boys primary school in post-conflict Belfast, Northern Ireland, becomes a hot house for thinking and questioning, as the...

23.03.02 -


According to the FAO, the earth’s topsoil could vanish within 60 years, worn away by erosion. Aware that time is running out, a pair of market gardeners strive to implement nature’s fundamental principles in their fields in an attempt to forge a new alliance with all living organisms, a stance that requires great humility. Their quest is guided by ancient and new-found knowledge that confirms the interdependence of all that lives, the result of millions of years of co-evolution. Source IMDB

23.03.02 -

Dear Memories

Thomas Hoepker is one of the most important living photographers worldwide. His pictures became icons of photojournalism. In 2017, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The man whose art has become part of the collective memory is now slowly losing his own memories. His one last big dream: A road trip through the USA with...

23.03.02 -


*** English synopsis not avalaible*** Des voix de femmes s’élèvent pour livrer des témoignages de victime de violence sexuelle. C’est par la reconstitution d’un récit avec ces fragments de vécu qu’un portrait sociétal se brosse au fil du documentaire. Telle une mosaïque, les morceaux se recollent pour construire une histoire unique qui pourrait être celle...

23.03.02 -

Je pleure dans ma tête

How can refugee children integrate into Quebec’s school system, given the unspeakable violence they’ve experienced? Following a psychologist specializing in conflict-related trauma, Unspoken Tears pays tribute to the admirable resilience and survival strategies of these “small adults”, whose spirit the bombs and camps have not completely crushed, at a time when it is vital to...

23.03.02 -


Not recommended for young children A documentary on the legendary film composer Ennio Morricone. Official Selection – Venice Film Festival – 2021

23.03.02 -

Children of the Mist

QUEBEC PREMIERE In the misty mountains of North Vietnam, Di, a teenage Hmong girl walks the thin line between childhood and becoming an adult. Over a period of three years, girls in her minority are forced to lose their innocence, discover the traps of seduction and fight for their independence. Jury Prize – Hong Kong International Film Festival – 2022Best Directing – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – 2021