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Ciné-Débat / Le Chantier des possibles



Sunday, 9 April | 13:00 Salle Le Tremplin Add to my schedule


Documentary highlighting the popular struggle surrounding the social reappropriation of a historic industrial building in a rapidly changing Montreal neighborhood. Camera in hand, the filmmaker followed for several years the active struggle of many residents in order to reclaim a small part of their neighborhood. The movie Le Chantier des possibles is presented in the presence of the director and accompanied by a roundtable of speakers and citizens, followed by an open debate with the public, animated by Michels Harnois Director of La Société d’histoire de Sherbrooke.

Ève Lamont, director of the movie Le chantier des possibles

Philippe Cadieux, Masters in Environment, Project Manager Well Inc. Assistant Branch – Community Relations with the City of Sherbrooke.

Pierre Marcoux, directeur général de l’organisme Le Pont B.R.I.J.E. (Bureau de référence et d’intervention jeunesse Estrie).

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Presented film:

Le chantier des possibles

Ève Lamont
Canada - Québec
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