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A Film, A Psychologist, The Public

Ciné-Moi, what is it?

Ciné-Moi is organised by the Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke in collaboration with Nathalie Plaat, an author and clinical psychologist. The event takes place one Saturday per month and is at the crossroads between a book club, a cinema club and a mental health conference. During this encounter, the public gets to experience psychology and cinema sharing each other’s perspective.

A special guest (psychologist or psychoanalyst) is invited to choose a film that will lead to an exploration of psychological issues linked to the human experience. Rachida Azdouz will lead the public and the special guest into a candid and rich exchange in order to explore the areas of the film related to mental health issues.

It is when we understand each other better, when we hear each other better and when we communicate to each other better, that we start being on the right track.

Origins of the project

At the heart of its mission, the Festival cinéma du monde de Sherbrooke (FCMS) is an event with social purpose. Above and beyond the attraction to cinema, spectators take part in different discussions on a number of contemporary social issues. This is a founding principle and is what has guided the development of activities that bring people together and engage with all sectors of society. This is done through the OFF FCMS events. 

In 2019, the FCMS director Malika Bajjaje, closely attuned to mental health issues, attended a conference given by Nathalie Plaat. In the conference Nathalie used different film extracts as a way for the public to better understand complex psychological processes.

The two visionaries decided to fuse their passions and create, as part of the OFF FCMS, a series of events under the banner Ciné-Moi.

How does it work?

The films are announced several weeks in advance and should preferably be viewed prior to the event. However, all sections of the film subject to analysis will be screened during the event so that the public can actively participate.

In order to enrich the discussion, participants will be able to share their reflections and express the gamut of emotions the film will have provoked in them.


Even though Ciné-moi is free, you must reserve your place before the event. Hurry up! Places are limited.

Reserve my seat

Where to see the film ahead of the activity?

Watching the film in advance is strongly recommended but not obligatory. There are several options :

– Rent out the DVD at the bibliothèque municipale Éva-Senécal.

– Find the film on your preferred online platform through


For all information concerning the project, please contact:

Jean-Simon Gagné
Project Manager
819 821-7433, #226
[javascript protected email address]


Presented by

Pharmacie Chemika Mamode

This activity is funded by the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS.