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130 masterpieces and a few suggestions

The rumours are true! We are proud to say that for our ninth edition we are showcasing 130 films. Quite a few of them are in English. Here are Programming Director Catherine Viau’s recommendations.

affiche de In Balanchine's classroomIn Balanchine’s Classroom

A must-see!

This stunning film gives us an insight into George Balanchine, one of the great contemporary choreographers and the father of American ballet. You’ll find out more about his life, but you’ll also learn about his mission, his teachings as well as the artistic vision behind his genius.

This film will be appreciated by people interested in the teacher-student relationship, by those who are interested in finding out more about the artistic process and by those who like dance and music.

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The King of the Laughter

Catherine informs us, “This is an excellent film by Mario Martone that showcases the prolific Tony Servillo. Servillo confirms, by playing the great Scarpetta (a Neapolitan author and actor from the end of the 19th century), that he is an actor at the very top of his game”.

This stunningly directed film, The King of Laughter, recounts the controversy surrounding Scarpetta’s adaptation of a drama by Gabriele D’Annunzio, renowned poet of that era.
It’s a great opportunity to delve into Neapolitan theatre.

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affiche du film mikadoMikado

“In this psychological thriller the director manages to pull off a theatrical feat by creating a dramatic plot on the theme of guilt. Absolute perfection.”

Catherine sums this film up perfectly!

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Welcome Venice

This film was shot during the pandemic. As such, discover Venice as you’ve never seen it before- with not a tourist in sight!

Welcome Venice puts family drama at the forefront. Two brothers confront each other, and with it comes two clashing visions of the world, the world of the past and the world of the future. This film by Andrea Segre also highlights how people relate differently to both money and memory.

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Perfect for demanding film-lovers, this austere masterpiece is based in and on a religious institute. Servants, appreciated for its cinematic qualities, presents the moral conflict faced by citizens in a totalitarian regime. Even if you don’t know the backstory, you will recognise the tensions that existed under Czechoslovakia’s communist regime. The film explores a group of priests who collaborated with the government under the name of Pope John XXIII’s 1963 encyclical, Pacem in Terris.

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Here’s hoping that these suggestions will help shape your film selection!chevreuil habillé en complet-cravate

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