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Meet the members of the jury of the 9th edition! Will you be one of them?

This is the first official announcement regarding the 9th Festival cinema du monde de Sherbrooke and our aim here is to present the members of the juries for the Festival’s regional and international competitions.

It feels as if the first signs of the festival are in the air, don’t you agree?!

Diversity within the Jury

Paul Tom donnant son discours

Paul Tom speaking at the conference. | Photo : Simon Rancourt

Four people from diverse backgrounds make up the jury for the 9th Festival’s international competition, each representing an area of the 7th art (or indeed several!). Caroline Fontaine is a teacher in the Literature & Communications Department at the Cégep de Sherbrooke. You have surely already come across her at the Festival since she hosts the post-film discussions. Mathieu Gagnon is an Eastern Townships’ producer and photography director. Véronique Vigneault is a producer with Chasseur Films. She is seen and heard in all types of forums, getting across the message of the potential of the Eastern Townships’ cinematic environment. And finally, there is Paul Tom, director of the films Baggages and Alone (Seuls), the favourite top-pick films from the FCMS team. Moreover, Paul has accepted our invitation to be the president of the jury :

“C’est une belle et agréable surprise que d’être invité à présider un jury. Merci beaucoup pour votre confiance. […]

Heureux aussi qu’on prenne la mesure de l’importance du cinéma dans nos vies. Comme respirer, comme aller prendre une marche dans la nature. J’aime croire que le cinéma nous apprend la vie.

J’arrive donc dans ce festival comme une personne curieuse, fébrile à faire des découvertes. J’ai hâte de découvrir des films qui vont aller toucher à l’intime, qui vont mettre la lumière sur des réalités qui nous semblent loin de nous. Des films qui nous bousculent, mais qui nous enrichissent comme être humain. Des films qui vont nous faire voyager et nous faire du bien.”

Become the 5th member of the jury: now’s your chance! 

We are missing a member for this team: you!

Do you love the world of cinema and would you like to criss-cross the Festival backstages in the company of these people who have a real passion for the 7th art? You have until the 3rd of March to put yourself forward and apply.

Click here!

Three women from the Eastern Townships (or just about!) make up the jury for the regional competition.

Three highly experienced and knowledgeable women make up this jury for the upcoming festival. These are women who have both cinema as well as culture in their hearts: Sonia Patenaude from Bishop’s University; Zoë Constantinides from Champlain College in Lennoxville and Nadia Zouaoui, director and journalist amongst other things at Radio-Canada. Nadia, who presented her film L’Islam de mon Enfance during the 6th Festival, will be president of the jury. They will have the task of selecting the winner from amongst the five films that have been entered for the regional competition.

Vanessa Javaux et Malika BajjajePierre-Javaux AWARD

Pierre Javaux has been a great ambassador for Eastern Townships’ art and culture. A former FCMS president, he believed, more than anyone else at the time, in the need to promote artistic and cultural creativity within the region. In order to recognize his work and to perpetuate his mission in our own way, the Festival cinema du monde de Sherbrooke has decided to give his name to the prize awarded to the winner of the regional competition: The Pierre-Javaux Award for the best Eastern Townships regional short, a presentation that will be made by La Fabrique Culturelle.

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Vanessa Javaux and Malika Bajjaje | Photo : Simon Rancourt



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