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Ciné-Concert : The Seventh Art and its Musical Wonders

We’re delighted to announce that the Orchestre du Septième Art (OSA) is back with a bang in Sherbrooke after a much-felt 3-year absence. The Festival cinema du monde de Sherbrooke has carved out a special place for them in their programme, with an exclusive show called A Tribute to International Film Score Composers.  

This stunning concert will seduce both music and film lovers. Under the direction of conductor and OSA founder Lise Bellehumeur, 50 musicians will be journeying through extraordinary film scores whilst specially selected film scenes are projected on screen.

Prepare yourselves to be immersed in music from Jurassic Park or Once Upon a Time in the West by composers such as John Williams (American) and Ennio Morriconne (Italian). For those who prefer contemporary pieces you will be treated, amongst others, to the music from Life of Pi by Mychael Danna (Canadian) or The Imitation Game by Alexandre Desplat (French).

The FCMS is also honoured to be welcoming the British composer, Stephen Endelmen, previously nominated at the Grammys. He will take the stage to direct one of his pieces from The Blue Butterfly.

The OSA is a symphony orchestra dedicated exclusively to film music. It was founded in 2005 by Lise Bellehumeur, who, at the time, was a secondary school music teacher in Sherbrooke.

The concert is presented by Global Excel and takes place on Wednesday the 8th of April, 8pm, at the Centennial Theatre.

Book your seats straight away! Tickets are on sale here Regular price tickets are 25$, special rate tickets are 20$ (25 yrs and younger | 65 yrs +).

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